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Our Mission

We strongly believe in the importance of supporting communities, skills, and jobs in the USA, so Kristina Collins Clothing has always been manufactured right here at home.  And in 2019 we determined to take our commitment to American-made even deeper by sourcing our materials as locally as possible, as often as possible. This naturally led us to local textiles like cotton and wool.  And much to our pleasure, these fabrics are a match made in heaven for what has always been the heart of the KC label - our jackets. So we shifted our product focus with a renewed mission to not only manufacture locally, but to source local and sustainable fibers first.

We aim to make each purchase from Kristina Collins one you can feel good about from every angle. Each item you buy from KC is designed and made with love for you, our customer. But we also have a heart for the needs of our community and our world, so our products are small-batch and made-to-order. No mass production or fast fashion here.  This approach helps keep our focus on what's really important to us - making high-quality garments, respecting the people who make them, and minimizing waste. 


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